…The More Things Stay The Same


The Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre has had a No Dickheads Policy since the early 90s. It’s largely self-policing and it works well, due to the good people of Meredith and Golden Plains looking after themselves and others. We do have a few policies, which are derived from common sense and over twenty-five years of collected wisdom – like no glass, no campfires, don’t annoy your neighbours, etc. As you know there are also no commercial sponsors and no market stalls. It’s still BYO. You can bring a couch. One of the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre’s prime reasons for Being is to be A Haven.

Offensive signage, slogans, clothing, costumes have never been cool at The Sup’ – not that there’s ever been many. Slogans that are really obviously-offensive on, say T-shirts or campervans are not cool. Likewise obviously-offensive costumes. Dressing up for many people is a huge part of the festival and that’s terrific, that shouldn’t change – I really like walking along at the festival and being high-fived by a rocketship.


Working out what is “offensive” can be subjective, but as usual, we’ll figure them out together. Same as we have on matters in the past and will do in future. We’re all tuned a bit differently and perhaps our world is experiencing an accelerated shake up of all manner of things, which is just another reason we are as determined as ever to Keep Meredith Meredithy and Golden Plains Golden.

Feel free to drop me note of any kind at any time, my caravan door is always open. (Except maybe when Family Feud is on).