No Dickhead Policy

Festivals at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre have a No Dickhead Policy.

Essentially this is a self-policing policy whereby ‘the dickhead’ is not celebrated or tolerated at the festival. Dickheads or people involved in dickhead behaviour will usually find that a solid citizen will firmly but politely inform them that their dickhead behaviour is not admired or appreciated. The Dickhead will usually realise they are being a dickhead and pull their head in. If not, our Helpers, Staff, Security or Police can make a discreet (or not so discreet as the case may be) intervention. Dickheads can be anonymously reported by texting or calling 0430 091 120, emailing Aunty, or reported in person at a Helper Hut or the Info Centre.

Dickhead behaviour includes moshing, crowd surfing, stage diving and aggressive behaviour. Please behave respectfully and inclusively.

It also includes blocking views – no elevated/raised couches, chairs, platforms in the Ampthitheatre. Gazebos, marquees, etc that block views will also bring you misfortune and irate glares.

No loud or offensive tunes at any time in the campgrounds. Your taste in music is not in question, but your volume will be. Please don’t decide for your neighbours what they are listening to.

No offensive signage, slogans, clothing, costumes – please.

Reserving Campsites is not permitted. You MUST arrive in convoy with your friends if you wish to camp together.

Keep your campsite clean by taking part in the recycling program. Meredith town and the surrounding areas don’t want your waste strewn about either. Simple tip – don’t let it hit the ground.

Cigarette butts. Butt ’em out, put ’em in the bin.

Don’t drive until you are ready to leave. If you need to leave early, park in the public car park (near Reception) or take the festival shuttle to town and back, or check out Heaven Eleven (next to the Info Centre) – they sell things you forgot. Never reverse. Always check under and around your vehicle before moving it.

ARRIVE AND LEAVE WELL UNDER .05 and not under the influence of illegal drugs or you may face heavy penalties and/or loss of license. Don’t leave before getting a breath test from Vanessa, she loves your musty breath. Free breath testing on the final day at all Helper Huts, Info and Reception.

Keep all internal roads clear for emergency vehicles. And by clear we don’t mean kinda clear, or mostly clear. If your vehicle doesn’t fully fit, park it elsewhere.

Trees can, like us, break. Take care when camping under them and definitely don’t climb or hang anything from ’em.

Drive reeeeaaaallllll slow. Walking pace, or even crawling pace. Think how slow you’d want a car to be going if it hit you. Drive at that pace. Be careful using the car stereo once parked too. Bad things can happen when ignitions are turned on and cars are in gear.

If you are a Dickhead, this festival isn’t for you. Leave your dickhead mates at home.

Follow all state, federal and festival specific policiesterms and conditions, health and safety guidelines and regulations. 

This information is one of our festival policies and forms part of our terms and conditions.