Meredith Gift

The World’s Greatest (or silliest) Nude or Underwearing Footrace. The Meredith Gift is a completely nude or underwearing exposition that takes place on the Sunday afternoon of each Meredith, in the Amphitheatre, to an enthralled full crowd of around twenty five million. The Gift is run and done over an extended track; instead of the old straight dash, entrants run AROUND the Amphitheatre – yep, a Nude Loop Around The Sup’.

This year will be as free wheelin’ as ever.

Expanding upon the “Best in Show” category, we will again be looking for zest and zeal, adornment and accessory to nude or underwearing self, flare, entertainment, enjoyment. As usual, we will honour ‘Speed’ for the speediest. The first across the line, the taker of the plush cattle dog.

Feel free to run it your way.

Why and How

See below for The Rules. Anyone can enter (it’s free), as long as they are nude or underwearing.
It all started in 1994 when one of the bands was late to arrive on the Sunday. What do we do, we wondered. Have a race involving the patrons. Winner gets cold beer. Someone wandered to the front of the stage as this was being announced and asked what they’d win if they did it in the nude. MORE cold beer, of course. The following year the race was held again – as it was a talking point from the year before – and several people got nude, completely on their own accord. The year after we had to limit entry to only fully nude people, as there were so many people wanting to run.

If you haven’t seen a Meredith Gift, it’s pretty funny. There’s always a crash, nude people tumbling along at speed or non-speed, grass burns, injured bits, etc.

Historical Gift Footage

Here is a montage of some Gifts from the early 90s through to mid 2000s.


There will be three heats, before heat winners compete in a final loop around the track. As introduced in 2023, no heats will be gendered. Each heat will include a mix of ‘speed’, ‘best finish’ and ‘best in show’ category entrants, making for a spectacle for those track-side! Regardless of the glory they are vying for, entrants must be nude or underwearing (the least amount of clothes they feel comfortable wearing), with creative self-garnishing encouraged. A golden robe is awarded to a standout competitor in each race category – “Speediest”, “Best Finish” and “Best in Show”.


Registration happens Sunday afternoon at the sign-up area towards the left of the stage (near Southbank and the DJ Booth) from 1:30pm. You will need to sign an Indemnity Form. The Gift runs at about 2pm Sunday.

The Rules of the Meredith Gift

  • Anyone can enter.
  • Best mates must think it through before doing any daring.
  • ALL entrants must register and sign an Indemnity Form.
  • ALL entrants must be nude or underwearing (the least amount of clothes you feel comfortable wearing).
  • Stawell Gift winners shall receive a handicap and irate glares.
  • Any entrants wearing lycra will be made to mow the lawns for a month (in their lycra).
  • The crowd must collectively go ‘ORGHH’ and recoil when runners fall over.
  • Please look after yourself and others – only enter if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • No Dickheads.