How To Get Help

Everyone can access appropriate professional Help 24 hours

Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, Doctors, Welfare, Helpers, Private Security and Public Safety Officers are available on-site. Together our priority is to listen without judgement and encourage appropriate professional help for immediate and ongoing care.

How to access Help: in person

  • Helper Hut Central – located to the right of the stage, available 24 hours.
  • Your local Helper Hut – there are 14 Helper Huts staffed 24 hours. Volunteer Helpers and private security also rove the campgrounds and Amphitheatre. They can help too.
  • On-site First Aid/Welfare – located to the right of the stage, available 24 hours.
  • The on-site Police Station – also located to the right of the stage.

How to access Help: other options

  • Call or text our Helpers directly on 0430 091 120, available 24 hours.
  • Email, available 24 hours.
  • Call 000 (or 112 if you do not have mobile reception). Emergency Services request not to use social media to report an incident or emergency.
  • Download Safety information, which includes contacts for off-site support.


Want to let us know something and remain anonymous?

Contact the Helpdesk. Responses are read during the weekend.

Look after yourself and others. If you see someone who is obviously unwell, please alert us immediately.