Online and Ballot Ticket FAQ

Please have a look through the topics below. If your enquiry is not covered, please contact Aunty.

Can I change my delivery address?

If you would like to edit your address details, please login to your Supernatural Ticket Centre account. From the Account Details page, scroll down to the Delivery Name and Address heading and edit your address by clicking on the edit icon on the right and entering in your correct address. Your delivery address will be automatically updated for any orders that are yet to be posted to you.

Please note that you cannot update your address once packing and shipment has commenced in late October/early November. Please contact Aunty Meredith if you have any concerns.

I have a Meredith Key, where do I go to purchase my tickets?

To purchase tickets during the Ballot, please go to If this is your first time visiting the Supernatural Ticket Centre, you’ll be required to create a new password to complete your account. (Your subscriber details and any Ballot history remain intact). If your account activation email doesn’t reach you, please contact Aunty Meredith.

Where are my tickets?

Tickets purchased online are posted during the first week of November. If you have only received 1 confirmation email, your order has not been sent yet.

When your order has been shipped out you will receive an email including your Australia Post Tracking ID. You can submit that 12 digit number into the field on The scans will show you the whereabouts of your tickets. It can take a few days for tracking info to show up – registered post can take up to a week to be delivered, sometimes a little longer. Please be patient. If you cannot see any scans within 10 business days from receiving the ‘Your order has been shipped’ email, please contact Aunty so we can help track your order.

I lost or didn’t get my confirmation email

To check your order, please log in to your Supernatural Ticket Centre account. Click on Order History from the menu, then click on the arrow in the Actions column. From here you can confirm your order details and download your receipt if required.

I can’t go anymore! Can I re-sell my tickets?

In 2013 we introduced Aunty’s Ticket Resale Service to provide legitimate sellers and buyers with a trustworthy and reliable way of putting tickets in the hands of those who are keen to attend. It also helps prevent scammers from selling tickets at inflated prices via unauthorised means. Aunty’s Resale Service is the only authorised resale facility. Don’t let your tickets get into the hands of Dickheads. The resale service comes into effect once tickets have sold out and closes 14 days before the festival.

If you purchase tickets to Meredith and your circumstances change and you can no longer attend, please contact AuntyIf we can re-sell your tickets via Aunty’s Waitlist, we will arrange a reverse charge of your ticket/s. Please note we are unable to refund your booking fee. Where the tickets have already been posted to you there is a $5 resale processing fee per ticket. Note that this is not a refund service, as tickets are non-refundable, which means in the event that there are insufficient people on Aunty’s Waitlist, you will not be able to return your ticket/s. Full details about our ticket resale service can be found here.

Meredith is subject to a major event ticketing declaration under Part 9A of the Major Events Act 2009. This means it is an offence to sell, advertise or offer to resell a ticket for more than 10% above its face value purchase price. Offenders face fines of between $908 and $545,220 depending on the nature of the offence.

Please don’t let a ticket get into the hands of a Dickhead.

Can my tickets be delivered to a Parcel Locker?

We cannot deliver to a Parcel Locker as a signature is required for delivery.

Can I get my tickets posted to an overseas address?

We can only post tickets within Australia. If you currently reside overseas, it is preferable that you enter a shipping address of a friend or relative who is based in Australia. If this is an issue, please contact Aunty Meredith.

There are multiple charges on my credit card!

If you are looking at your online statement, it possibly says “temporary authorisation” or “pending” next to one of the charges. This is your bank putting a hold on the funds. They usually clear the hold within 24-72 hours automatically.

If you are sure your purchase did go through and you believe you were charged too much, please contact Aunty and we can investigate.

Can I send my Meredith Key to someone else to use?

A Meredith Key is only valid for one use. If you are successful in the Ballot and choose not to use your Key, you can certainly pass it on to a friend to use.

When will my tickets be sent to me?

Meredith tickets purchased online are posted during the first week of November – this is to reduce the likelihood of them being lost or stolen, and as an anti-scalping measure. You will receive a ‘Your order has been shipped’ email when they have been posted.

Can I pay for my tickets via Paypal or a post-payment service?

This year, the payment options for Ballot and Online Sales are Visa and Mastercard. Paypal has previously been offered as a payment option for Meredith and Golden Plains tickets, but this is no longer the case.

Likewise, there are no options for post-payment (or ‘after pay’), as it can create difficulty with debt, which is not something we wish to facilitate.

How much are the tickets?

The ticket price for Meredith 2024 will be advised later in the year.

There is only one type of ticket sold to Meredith and it gets you in from 8am Friday right through to The End at 4:30pm Sunday. Camping is included.

Aunty’s Last Chance

Aunty’s Last Chance is a small allocation of tickets set aside for long-time Meredith goers who didn’t score in the Ballot and Online allocations. Applications open after Online Sales finish.

For more details go to Aunty’s Last Chance.

Do I need a ticket or a wristband?

Tickets are in the form of wristbands. A ticket is a wristband; a wristband is a ticket. You only need the wristband to gain entry – it is your ticket.

No additional wristband or ticket is required – just that one.