Chartered and Private Buses

Chartered and Private Buses are a great way to get to and from the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre.

All buses coming to The Sup’ need to register, including buses just dropping passengers off and then leaving, and those that will stay onsite for the duration and take you home afterwards.

Outside of Bush Camp, buses can enter any campground, including South Pines, Outer Space and Tom Mankeys. If you are wanting to camp in Bush Camp, you will need to stop at the Tom Mankeys Bus Stop and walk your gear down from there. Please be aware that Bush Camp fills up quickly, so there may not be space to camp.

Please follow these steps to make it easier for you to find your preferred camping spot when you arrive. The campgrounds can be viewed on the site map.

1. Please register your bus information by clicking on the button:


2. Once you have completed your details, we will email you an A4 PDF to print and keep on the dash at all times while onsite. Please register your bus at least 72 hours prior to arrival.

3. Send a copy of the information to your driver / bus company and send them a link to this page – make sure you use a reputable bus company and that they comply with all Heavy Vehicle National Law Regulations and have the appropriate insurance in place.

4. Print a copy of your bus information and make sure it is on the dash of your bus when onsite.

5. Follow this route rather than the usual directions to The Sup’ (parts of this road are unmade, and only buses with the correct printed form will be able to use this route).

6. Once onsite, follow instructions from the Buses team and use this bus map to move around site, being mindful of the way you will exit (try not to reverse while onsite).

If you have any questions or concerns, email our Buses Manager or Aunty Meredith.

Getting home safely is part of going. Thanks very much for taking the bus.