Lifetime Warranty

Thanks to all the feedback and ideas from you and your friends, Meredith self-propagates.

Meredith remains BYO, you can still bring a couch, you won’t be confronted with commercial sponsors or branded messages. There are no market stalls. There is only one stage.

The collected wisdom from Meredith past has become the blueprint for future Fun, which includes things like no dickhead behaviour, no glass or campfires, not annoying your neighbours, and looking after yourselves and others.

We’re all tuned a little differently, so knowing what crosses the line isn’t always straightforward. But, as we’ve always done, we’ll figure it out together.

We guarantee we will continue to listen, fix things if they don’t work, not fix them if they do, and keep Meredith Meredithy and Golden Plains Golden.

Feel free to drop me a note of any kind at any time. My caravan door is always open (except when Family Feud is on).