Car Parks

Most people park their car next to their campsite. If you know you might need to leave early for work or another engagement, and can’t risk waiting for your neighbours to pack up, you can park in the Public Parking area near Reception (grid reference i8 on the site map). Alternately you can parallel park next to the roads in the campgrounds, keeping all access roads, paths and gates clear.

There is also ‘late arrivals parking’ at N9 and S10 on the map. These car parks open at 6pm on the first day and allow late arrivals to park within the campgrounds without blocking the exit of those who arrived earlier, or any roads and paths.

Reception will direct you to these car parks if you arrive after 6pm.


  • Never drive under the influence. Free breath testing available all weekend from the alcohol and drug testing stall next to the Ferris Wheel.
  • Drive real slow. Like walking pace.
  • Designate a driver.
  • Always check under and around your vehicle before moving it.
  • Never reverse.
  • Avoid driving by taking the shuttle bus to town and back, or check out Heaven Eleven (next to Helper Hut Central) – they sell things you forgot.