Our Accessibility Plan was first developed in 2009 with the help of a very experienced accessibility consultant, who has spent many a weekend at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre. The plan has been updated periodically ever since and aims to ensure that people of all abilities, including people with disabilities, can gain equitable, independent and functional access to everything The Sup’ has to offer through our infrastructure, policies, programs and services. And we’re continuing to work to make the place more accessible, for everyone, with a significant review taking place in 2022/23 with the help of additional consultants.

When at the festival, the Helper Hotline is available 24 hours if you need assistance of any kind:

0430 091 120


Beyond what’s listed below, other initiatives will be introduced in due time. If you have any suggestions or an enquiry about the site’s current facilities and services, please email Aunty.

We are particularly interested in feedback from d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patrons around which facilities could improve their experience at The Sup’. Thankyou.



You can find the standard site map here.

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Assistance Animals

Assistance animals and Guide Dogs can be accommodated on request. The animal needs to meet the definition of an Assistance Animal according to the Disability Discrimination Act. There is a designated animal relief and off-lead zone located in Bush Camp. Animals must wear a vest showing their accreditation, and remain tethered by their handler’s side at all times. Please email Aunty if you are intending to bring an Assistance Animal.


The ‘Pump Palace’ is located in Bush Camp at grid reference H14, just behind the Helper Hut. It features seating and access to power. If in doubt, ask the Helpers at that location for assistance.

Please pack all leads and accessories needed to charge/plug in your devices. It is important that any leads that are plugged into our electrical system have been tested and tagged in the previous 3 months.


The Supernatural Express is a direct service to The Sup’, departing from Southern Cross Station, Geelong and Ballarat. Reservations for The Supernatural Express go on sale two months before the festival each year. Buses are equipped with standard accessibility features. Buses will drop off and collect patrons and their camping gear at either Reception (grid reference H7) or the Top Camp Bus Stop (grid reference Q9).

Please email Aunty if you have any specific requirements around buses.


We currently offer two Ease of Access Camping zones, which can be reserved on request – email Aunty at least two weeks prior to the festival. Please be aware that there is limited space available, and we may not be able to accommodate large groups alongside those with access needs.

Bush Camp Ease of Access Camping covers parts of Spring Valley (grid reference J12) and Tasmania (grid reference H14), with proximity to ground level toilets, the International Food Court, the Amphitheatre, Welfare, and First Aid. There are compacted pathways linking to the Amphitheatre, and the accessible toilet and shower. Nonetheless, the path can be rough in parts, particularly if there has been adverse weather.

Bush Camp is not accessible by Bus, so campers and their gear would need to be dropped off at the Reception Bus Stop and walk down to camp here if travelling by bus.

Top Camp Ease of Access Camping offers proximity to the Top Camp Bus Stop, showers, ground level toilets, and The Esplanade pedestrian path, a compacted path with access to the rear of the Amphitheatre, Eric’s Terrace and the Pink Flamingo.

Aunty will help work out which location will suit your needs best when you register your intention to use Ease of Access Camping.

Car Parking

Parking is included in the cost of your ticket, and, in general, you can park alongside your tent or accommodation. If you think you might need to leave early, and can’t risk waiting for your neighbours to pack up, you can park in the Public Parking area near Reception (grid reference i7). Alternately, you can parallel park next to the roads in the campgrounds, keeping all access roads, paths and gates clear.

There is also ‘late arrivals parking’ at grid references N9 and S10. These car parks open at 6pm on the first day and allow late arrivals to park within the campgrounds without blocking the exit of those who arrived earlier, or any roads and paths. Our Reception and Traffic teams will direct you to these car parks if you arrive after 6pm.

If you are concerned about having enough space, or have other parking questions, please contact Aunty.


Caterers receive training in accessibility awareness both within our online caterer portal and, from time to time, on-site (on-site training varies between different topics).

The intention is for the caterers to be able to identify and provide assistance when needed, as well as ensuring their stalls are set up in an accessible manner or providing alternative assistance if required. If you require assistance with reading a menu, ordering or anything else when it comes to getting a feed, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly caterers to help.


Charging for support devices or batteries that support support devices can be accessed at Helper Hut Central. Please label your equipment and present your photo ID to collect it.

If you require access to power throughout the weekend for accessibility purposes (eg. a CPAP machine), this can be provided at Ease of Access Camping. Please contact Aunty to arrange.

Please pack all leads and accessories needed to charge/plug in your devices. It is important that any leads that are plugged into our electrical system have been tested and tagged in the previous 3 months.

Companion Cards

Tickets are available for Companion Card holders. A Companion Card ensures that people who are unable to attend without a companion to provide attendant care support are not charged two admission fees. You may only use your Companion Card if you are unable to do your thing without attendant care support. Please contact Aunty to arrange a ticket for a Companion Card holder. More information can be found here.

Dietary Needs

The range of food options available from our vendors include vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free and dairy free. The options available at each vendor are noted in the caterer pages in the festival program available at the gate or Helper Hut Central.

Please contact Aunty if you have specific dietary needs to see if we can assist.

Drop off/Collection

If you have arranged a lift with someone who is not a ticket holder, instruct your driver to take the far left lane in the Reception driveway, following the signs for drop off and collection. Drivers and passengers without valid wristbands must stay in their vehicle and make their way off site as soon as they’ve finished either dropping off or picking up. Your driver cannot enter the campgrounds. Please always follow the directions from Reception staff.

First Aid

First Aid (grid reference K13) is operational 24 hours. Prescription drugs are not available on-site. Please bring the assistance and supplies you need with you for the duration of your visit. There is refrigeration space available at First Aid to store medications if you need. Please label your medication and present photo ID to collect it. The Helper Hotline – 0430 091 120 – can also be used 24 hours if you need assistance to come to you.

Basic items like headache tablets and bandaids are available at Heaven Eleven (grid reference L14), as well as other items you may have forgotten to pack.

Large print or plain text stage line-up

Please email Aunty prior to the festival if you would like a large print version of the stage LineUp and set times, or any of our other information or documents.

Local Accommodation

The following local providers offer accessible accommodation options in the region. Please contact them directly to enquire about their facilities and services:

  • Brocka Respite House. Phone 5243 9180
  • Four Points Sheraton. Phone 5223 1377
  • Geelong Motor Inn. Phone 5222 4777
  • Nireeda Apartments. Phone 5221 0566
  • Quest Geelong. Phone 5228 2000
  • Shannon Motor Inn. Phone 5222 4355
  • Sundowner (now Chiefly). Phone 5244 7700

Please let Aunty know if you know of other options that could be added to the list.


There is no pharmacy on site. If you have a chronic condition or illness (including asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) and/or allergies, please come prepared with your medication. Carry emergency contact numbers and information regarding your condition at all times. Present to First Aid early if you are concerned or experiencing difficulty. If required, your medication can be safely stored at First Aid over the weekend.

Quiet Time

The Supernatural Amphitheatre and surrounding campgrounds are a lush and spacious part time farm, with the option to spread out, sit back and relax, or take a scenic stroll.

You have the choice to watch the stage from as close as you like, with excellent sightlines from most areas in the Amphitheatre, and the option of setting up a base by bringing a couch or other seating that can be left in place for the weekend within the designated couch zone.

There are plenty of trees in the Amphitheatre and Southbank to sit beneath. If you’re looking for a break from the buzz, we suggest heading over to Inspiration Point or Sunset Strip, where you can sit quietly and reflect on the beautiful surrounding landscapes. During the day, the Ecoplex Cinema (which runs overnight) also provides a peaceful little corner of bushland tranquillity. Likewise, Tom Mankeys (and its garden) is the least frequented campground and offers amazing views over the festival and surrounding volcanic plains.

If you’re having trouble finding comfort, you can visit Welfare, located at grid reference K13. Our friendly Welfare team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the space you seek.


Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

We recommend guests with access needs have a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP), including a nominated ‘buddy’ on-site during the festival to assist in the event of an emergency.

Please contact Aunty to obtain a template of a PEEP for the Supernatural Amphitheatre.

Should there be a need for an emergency assembly, a festival representative will be assigned to the Ease Of Access camping areas to ensure the procedure is understood and all campers move safely to the designated assembly areas.


Sensory Care

Our Welfare team can help you find your sensory steadiness during the festival. Visit them at K13, or call the Helper Hotline on 0430 091 120 and someone can come to you. The Welfare team have a range of sensory and stim toys, plus a wealth of experience understanding neurodiversity, and will be more than happy to assist in the way that best suits you.

Site Pathways and Terrain

The site is a farm upon an undulating landscape, so manoeuvring a wheelchair or motorised vehicle can be difficult, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Grounds include grass, leaf cover, gravel and softer soil tops in some locations.

There are compacted paths linking all campgrounds with the Amphitheatre and a loop within the Amphitheatre itself that enables access to First Aid and Welfare.

There is lighting throughout the campgrounds, but it can be darker in some locations. We recommend having a torch (or mobile phone with torch function) for use at night.

Stage Lighting and Visuals

Please visit the Stage Lighting and Visuals page for a rundown on recent changes made to the stage lighting and visuals.


An accessible toilet and shower is available 24 hours next to Welfare (grid reference K13).

There are Ambulant Toilets at N8 (Yellow Helper Hut near Top Camp Ease of Access Camping), J13 (entrance to Bush Camp) and O15 (below Eric’s).

There are hot showers available at two locations, both along The Esplanade, located at grid references L11 and O14. Shower tokens can be purchased either at the Helper Huts located at each shower block, or from Heaven Eleven (grid reference L14). Queue lengths for the showers peak between 9am – 12pm during the festival – please email Aunty if you feel that standing in a queue could be challenging for you.

The accessible shower doesn’t require tokens.

Viewing Locations

The natural slope of the Supernatural Amphitheatre provides sightlines to the One and Only Stage from a seated position in many areas of the Amphitheatre, especially in the dedicated couch zone, which begins at the Front of House building and extends from there in a half circle in both directions.


Download a PLAIN TEXT version of this page.