Amphitheatre Furniture Policy

It’s ok to bring small chairs and low couches into the Amphitheatre itself.

It’s not ok to bring anything that blocks or impedes the view of people behind you. Things that block views are completely banned from the Amphitheatre. They are fine to be at campsites, just not anywhere that has a view of the stage. This includes umbrellas, which are also a bit dangerous with their pointy ends.

Likewise, standing on top of couches, chairs, coolers, etc to get a better view blocks the view of people behind you. So don’t do that.

Note that if you leave your couch empty for a time, expect that others will be sitting on it when you return.

Please take all your furniture (and tarps and tents) home with you – we don’t want it and neither does Landfill.

Banned From The Amphitheatre

Things on Sticks (wider than your average head of cauliflower)
Couches, seats, or bars on stilts or raised platforms (I’m looking at you, sofa-bed-with-extended pine-legs person)
Shade tents
Any furniture higher than, say, the belly-button height of your average Jolene.

Couch Deposit

In the past we have considered a ‘couch deposit’. We decided against it for a few reasons.

Firstly, it is onerous on those good folks that do the right thing. And we would like not to have to resort to a financial disincentive to get the right outcome.

It also might be seen by some as an invitation to bring a couch and leave it here for, say, $100. This has the opposite effect of that intended.

Or they might get their refund on their way out and subsequently dump their couch on the side the road somewhere, transferring the problem.

Positive encouragement and increased awareness have been serving us well in recent years, as the number of couches left behind has actually been declining.

If new people are attending and bringing couches for the first time, then our usual approach is to share the way we do things. It might take a little longer, but it is better for everyone in the long run.


Please take all your furniture (and tarps and tents) home with you – we don’t want it and neither does Landfill.

This information is one of our policies and forms part of our terms and conditions.