City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band

Those magnificent men and women in their almost-flying machine.

Now over 125 years old, and a popular fixture at Meredith since 2005. Starting with a march through the campsite, incorporating the Bugle Corp, then onto stage for a romp through old and new hits like Gonna Fly Now (Rocky theme), Bob The Builder, maybe something from Queen and a contemporary hit or two.

Their membership has maintained the status quo and still sits around the 30 mark, with an almost even distribution of male and female members.

In 2013 the band took out first place in their grade at the Victorian Brass Band Championships.

A brief update on the band:

The Ballarat City Brass Band has had a reasonably quiet year. We did the two day Heritage Weekend in May for the Ballarat City Council. The YMCA Market Festival in July plus the annual Anzac Day service and Bugler support. The Vietnam Veteran Service in August. With a couple of other community events over the year.  

Of note is the increase of numbers in our training band. In twelve months it has grown from nine to sixteen. They are improving in leaps and bounds. Six of the juniors have started playing in the senior band. 

We have added a few more recent pieces to our repertoire such as Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. Plus a couple of other works still in progress. 

The band is looking forward to playing at Meredith 28. It still is our major highlight for the year. 

Here is some footage of them from 2008:

Here’s a few photos: