Who’s Playing?

Each season we go further, dream harder, listen longer and hear morer in our Eternal Quest for the ultimate 3-day, 2-night, 4-D cascading audio-visual rollercoaster on the One and Only Stage with the Evolving Atmospherics of the Supernatural Amphitheatre and Mother Nature on the lights.

The Aim is simply to find The Best; to gather artists that are the best at what they do – not just by reputation, but in actual real life. It’s a never-ending labour of endless love, and it tends to result in A Magic One-off Collection You Don’t See Every Lifetime, where The Experience = Everything.

Speaking of which…


Here is your princess
And here is the horizon

A new sort of magnetic. Beyond mere performance.

All my life (hey!) I’ve had to fight to stay
You were right, love takes time, hey, hey

The depth and breadth of Aldous Harding’s brave new world is astonishing.

Her first record, brimful with sublime folk and gothic tales, hinted at star potential. But this new one, Party, well… this could be anything. She is going for it, in every way. We’re right with her.

Intensely personal, universal, emotive, funny, dark, shape shifting. Every song a different planet, Aldous inhabiting each completely, pushing deeper and further into new realms, to the point where you wonder why more artists simply don’t go this far. It is frankly thrilling, absolutely committed and realised with the panache of a great. Different in each song, each video. Chameleon-like, yet always undeniably her.

The real rewards lie beyond first impressions. Her songs are… well… what to say? Sublime, beautiful, catchy, meditative…I’m throwing my hands up here. Sometimes cat-hair soft, embroidered minimal clarion calls, sometimes pulsing plaintive…ah gee there’s no point. My lord, it’s beautiful. I recommend you just watch her videos, listen to her songs, see her perform, and feel alive to the wild possibilities offered up by creative expression.

She has pushed us all further out into it, and made us float.

I broke my neck
Dancing to the edge of the world, babe

A new natural resource for a depleted planet.

The Complete LineUp will be out out out out out sometime in August.