What Was Said – The 25th Meredith

Here is some of what was said about The 25th Meredith.


Faster Louder – 7 slivers from Meredith Music Festival’s silver jubilee – by Marcus Teague

The Age – Meredith Music Festival review: Silver jubilee leaves a golden shine – by Michael Harry

The Age – Meredith Music Festival: where getting the boot rocks – by Michael Harry

Tone Deaf – Meredith Music Festival 2015 Celebrated Its 25th Birthday With A Bang – by Bernard Winter

Three Thousand – Tops, Bottoms and Middles – Why I’ve spent the past decade chasing that Special Meredith Feeling – by Sam West

Herald Sun – Review: Meredith Music Festival 2015. Father John Misty, Harvey Sutherland, Peep Tempel and more – by Mikey Cahill

Mess + Noise – Meredith 2015: The Gift That Keeps Giving – by Sara Savage

Daily Review – Meredith Music Festival 2015 Review – by Jacob Robinson

TheMusic – Meredith Music Festival – Supernatural Amphitheatre – by Brad Armstrong & Bryget Chrisfield

Time Out Melbourne – Meredith Music Festival 2015 – by Rose Johnstone

Purple Sneakers – Wrap Up: Meredith Music Festival 2015 – by Madeline Kilby

Beat – 2015 Meredith Music Festival @ Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre – Augustus Welby, Photos by Laura May Grogan

Ballarat Courier – Sold out crowds celebrate 25th Meredith Music Festival – by Alicia Thomas

Geelong Advertiser – Meredith Music Festival celebrates silver jubilee in typically diverse style – by Bethany Tyler

Switch – Meredith Music Festival Silver Jubilee – by James Cerche

Tone Deaf – Relive Meredith 2015 With Aunty Meredith’s Home Videos – by Greg Moskovitch

Forte – Meredith Music Festival: The Silver Jubilee Edition – by Amanda Sherring

Something You Said – Aunty Meredith Takes Us On A Trip – by Chloe Mayne

Photo Galleries:

Broadsheet – Gallery: Meredith Music Festival 2015 – by Kristoffer Paulsen

Faster Louder – Meredith Music Festival 2015 – Day One – by Katie Fairservice

Faster Louder – Meredith Music Festival 2015 – Day Two & Three – by Katie Fairservice

Music Feeds – Meredith Music Festival – Meredith 11-13/12/15 – by Nikki Williams

Three Thousand – The Meredith Music Festival 2015 (gallery one) – by Matt Neumann

Three Thousand – The Meredith Music Festival 2015 (gallery two) – by Matt Neumann

Who The Hell – LOOK: Meredith Music Festival 2015 – by Rebecca Capp

Warrnambool Standard – Meredith Music Festival 2015 – Your Photos

Ballarat Courier – Meredith Music Festival – by Luka Kauzlaric


Noisey – Meredith With No Meredith – by David Allegretti

Tone Deaf – Why After 25 Years Meredith Music Festival Is Still Australia’s Favourite – by Chelsea McIver

Ballarat Courier – Reflections on the first Meredith – by Dellaram Vreeland

Noisey – We asked people at Meredith why they love the naked festival race – by Julian Morgans