What Was Said – The 26th Meredith

Here is some of what was said about The 26th Meredith.


The Age – Meredith Music Festival: Where merriment and music rule – by Chloe Booker

The Age – Meredith Music Festival 2016 review: Peaches goes over the top – by Chloe Booker

The Music – Meredith Music Festival: Supernatural Amphitheatre – by Bradley Armstrong

Music Feeds – Meredith Music Festival 09-11/12/16 – by Stephanie Tell

Geelong Advertiser – Meredith Music Festival madness as punters rock out to King Gizzard, Jagwar Ma and Peaches – by Claire Martin

Tone Deaf – Relive The Highlights of Meredith 2016, Minute by Minute – by Dylan McCarthy

Time Out – Meredith Music Festival 2016: what went down at The Sup – by Rebecca O’Malley

Faster Louder – 5 of the most supernatural moments from Meredith 2016 – by Holly Pereira

Faster Louder – Meredith 2016: A celebration of legacy, old and new – by Lachlan Kanoniuk

Herald Sun – Meredith Music Festival 2016: Angels, UFOs, Rastas, Cowboys, Pink Flamingos and so much nudity – by Mikey Cahill

Beat – 2016 Meredith Music Festival @ Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre – by Alex Watts

Mixdown – Meredith Music Festival 2016 – by Keats Mulligan

Photo Galleries:

Noisey – The Faces of Meredith Music Festival 2016 – by Jennifer Park

Broadsheet – Gallery: Meredith Music Festival 2016 – by Gareth Sobey

The Age – Photo Gallery – by Meredith O’Shea

Who The Hell – Look: Meredith Music Festival 2016 – by Rebecca Capp

Ballarat Courier – Meredith Music Festival 2016: Your Photos