Chartered and Private Buses

Chartered and Private Buses are welcome and encouraged at the festival. There are some protocols and tips you will need to observe to make this happen smoothly.

If you are arriving in a bus that will leave the festival after dropping you off and return to pick you up at the end of the festival please download and complete the MY BUS IS LEAVING information BEFORE arriving. 

If you are arriving in a bus that will stay on site for the duration of the festival and take you home please download and complete the MY BUS IS STAYING information BEFORE arriving. 

The festival site map can be viewed hereLetting us know your plans in advance can most often help us to get you to your campsite easier, please email your completed forms to Aunty Meredith.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Aunty.

Getting home safely is part of Meredith and Golden Plains. Thanks for being part of it.